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Name:For England, James
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Welcome to For England. This community is dedicated to the slashiness of Alec Trevelyan and James Bond in the movie Goldeneye. Any slash, het, or gen story including one of the two in a prominant role is welcome here. RPS is also very welcome.

The Rules:

  • All FPS fics must include either James Bond or Alec Trevelyan. The other side of the pairing can be anyone from Q to Cupid, but it must include either James or Alec.

  • All RPS fics must include either Sean Bean or Pierce Brosnan. Slash them with anyone you want (although Sean Bean/Viggo Mortensen shippers would do well to check out rugbytackle) but a main pairing in your fic must include either of the two.

  • All gen fics must include either James Bond or Alec Trevelyan in a prominent role.

  • Please clearly label het or gen fics. This is primarily a slash community.

  • All fics must be disclaimered. We don't know the boys and it never happened. RPS is 100% fiction. Ian Fleming was the creator of James Bond and he mentioned 006 in On Her Majesty's Secret Service.

  • Just as all kinks are ok, so are all squicks. Post warnings. When it doubt, warn for it.

  • Icon posts, mood icon posts, scheme posts, picture posts, "looking for fic" posts, squeeing posts, community pimping posts, etc., etc., are all fine as long as they pertain to the chars or to the Bondverse as a whole.

  • No flaming allowed.

The community's icons were made by lannamichaels. Two of them were modified from caps that came from The Bean Box.



Interests (17):

006, 006/007, 007, alec trevelyan, alec trevelyan/james bond, alec/james, goldeneye, goldeneye slash, james bond, james bond/alec trevelyan, james/alec, pierce brosnan/sean bean, pierce/sean, sean bean/pierce brosnan, sean/pierce, slash, strawberries
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